Friday, March 21, 2014

It's morning of the day five on the cleanse and I have a lot to report. 
On Day 2 I ate:
Breakfast: protein shake
Snack: unsalted cashews and a banana
Lunch: turkey roll up, carrots, brown rice cake
Snack: banana and peanut butter
Dinner: 4 turkey sausage patties and a pear

Exercise: 1 hour of bootcamp

All day I felt pretty normal. Work was stressing me out so I was a little more unhappy and whiny than I usually am, but no bad cravings. Working out was really tough. I felt so weak and I definitely struggled to keep up. It was probably one of the harder workouts I've ever done. I attribute this to having no quick acting carbs in my body. 

On Day 3 I ate:
Breakfast: protein shake
Snack: raw almonds and a pear
Lunch: turkey roll up, carrots, hard boiled egg and egg white- forgot my rice cake. 
Snack: forgot my snack 
Dinner: grilled chicken and roasted brussel sprouts

Exercise: 30 minutes of running

I was definitely grouchy today, but still no bad cravings. Exercise felt pretty much back to normal. It was hard but not too hard. When I woke up on day 3 I weighed in at 146.6. Kind of crazy that I dropped 5.5 lbs of weight in 2 days... mostly water, but As long as it's moving in the right direction I'm happy!

On Day 4 I ate:
Breakfast: protein shake
Snack: banana ( forgot my nuts )
Lunch: turkey roll up, brown rice cake, hard boiled egg white and whole egg. 
Snack: banana and almond butter
Dinner: 4 turkey sausage patties 

Exercise: None

Day 4 (yesterday) was the worst day EVER. Around lunch time all I could think about was coffee and soda. It was literally right after I said "I think I'm handling this better than the average person" that the cravings hit.  All I could think about for a few hours!! This could be attributed to not having all my snacks the day before. I'm also going to bring my soda water today to have something soda-like if I get a craving. 
Last night I had my first restaurant experience where I met my friends before the Ellie Goulding concert. I ordered a soda water with lemon and I felt ok not eating their food. I wish I had a beer at the concert but it wasn't a big deal. 

Below is a picture the night of day 1 and this morning, day 5. Can you tell a difference? Not sure I can. 


  1. There's something about this meal plan that I really love. Just how it's broken down, eating fruits/nuts/meats/veggies in different combinations at different times, I dunno, I just love the organization.

    It can be hard to see progress in such a short time, especially since a lot of the initial drop is water weight. In another 5lbs, you'll see more of a difference even if it takes longer to get there. This is where I swear by using measurements as well as the scales to track progress.

    Congrats on your progress so far. I hope the next five days go as well for you!

  2. You are doing a great job.. Giving up caffeine.... I just can't think how my day would do....
    I think I see a little change in the second picture. Right under the belly button.. Not sure if it is the right way of explaining but it looks less bloated if you know what I mean.. Like more flat..

  3. I can see a slight difference. More of a tautness. you actually have a pretty nice tummy to begin with!!