Monday, March 10, 2014

I am on my period  for the first time since I got my IUD put in, which was exactly a year ago. Sometimes I get grouchy and sometimes I have some barely there pink spotting, but this month is closer to a real  period. And my pair of 8 jeans fit really comfortably because I am so bloated. At least I'm blaming the time of month for that, given a week and a half ago I was at my lowest weight!

I weighed in on Friday but I didn't record it and I didn't share because it was a gain of more than 2 lbs. You can't gain 2 lbs in a week! So I'm thinking that 144.0 was not real, that maybe I was dehydrated? Or maybe the higher weight is due to retention from my period? Who knows. 

What I DO know is that I ended up joining the MMA gym, and to went to my complementary fitness assessment. Basically you stand on a fancy scale and it does your body fat %. I'll post a picture of my print out, but basically it said this...
Weight 150 (6 lbs more than the last time I weighed in)
Body Fat 26.2% (3% more than my at home scale)
Fat to lose 11.8 lbs. 

I verified the weight at home, and determined that it must be caused by a combination of my period and drinking a lot of water. My scale still said my bf% was in the 23% range, so now I'm not sure what to trust. It's Monday morning now and my stomach still feels off so I won't weigh in until Thursday. 
I guess all I can do is wait for my next assessment in 6 weeks, and bust my butt until then. I mean, my goal is 140 and so if I lost all fat in that weight, I would be really close to what the machine said I should be. 

Ok, all for now 


  1. I hate it when that stuff is inconsistent. I'd more then likely trust the one at the gym though. It looks like the exact same print out I got when I went to my doctor for a health assessment. They choose the best equipment. Now you have your motivation to keep on going! And you will. : )

  2. my gym did the exact same body scan that my scale does at home.. Mine actually gives more details that the one they had, so I trust mine.. But I know how frustrating it can be to get different numbers on different sources..

    You have been doing so great with the workouts, I have no doubt you will reach your goal sooner rather than later :)

  3. Nifty! That gives a lot of information, I want one. If you weighed clothed and/or drank a lot of fluids beforehand, I'd take the gym weight with a grain of salt. 10lbs in six weeks is definitely doable. I know you'll get to your goals soon, just keep swimming :)

  4. aww yea its hella frustrating when you don't know which scale to trust! I think the thing is just finding something consistent so you can regularly just track your progress with that. At least its consistent and you know when you're making progress or not. Good luck!