Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well that failed. I definitely need a do-over on the Arden's Garden fast.
To be completely honest I am not surprised. I've been pretty stressed out, and I tend to over eat when I'm in a stressful situation or something that I can't control.
This time it was because I was worried about getting an IUD. I have really been wanting to get it, and I heard that it would mean no pregnancies and no periods for 5 years. How do you pass that up? What was really concerning me was the pain- I had heard it hurt soooo much... Like having a baby. The worry was consuming me and so I was consuming food... Not good. I had the procedure this morning and boy, was it painful. It was pretty simple, they open you up with one of those metal clamps, and then put a tube into your cervix, kind of like a tampon.. They expel the IUD and then pull the tube out and you're done. Unfortunately the first one they put in pulled out when the tube came out so I had to go through the whole thing again. My doctor said it was probably defective...
Now I am home and I hurt a lot... Just like bad cramps.. And I want to eat everything.


  1. Im sorry things didn't go so well with the juice fast.. But as you said, you can always have a do over..

    I had to google IUD.. and OMG.. I didn't think it would hurt... I was having a chat with the nurse that did my check-ups when I was pregnant and she was all "oh that wont hurt... )

    I hope the pain goes away soon.. I just got my first period after I got preggo.. aka first in over a year and it is HELL.. bad cramps and insane cravings :S ...

  2. I've been wanting an IUD. I hadn't heard that they are painful but after reading this I'm really scared! I want to get away from hormones and that seems to be the only way. Plus no period and no daily BC sounds good. Do they numb you? How long did it take? I'd love to know any other info as it's something I'm seriously considering. Hope you feel better soon. Sorry about the fast fail. It's something I can't even attempt.