Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 1 of Arden's Garden juice fast is complete. I went to the gym and took a weight class yesterday which really just sucked it out of me. I couldn't manage to do anything last night after that. Makes sense... If you're just drinking juice, how could you expect your muscles to be strong?
I really need to clean my house, and last nght would have been the perfect opportunity, but instead I watched tv and then ::gasp:: ate pizza.
Stupid boyfriend reminded me that he had forgotten his leftovers. If he hasn't said anything, I would never have noticed, and would have finished the day with zero solid food. I guess I wasn't too mad at myself because they were small pieces from one of those gourmet shops and couldn't have been more than 400 calories total. I called it 600 and was still under my calorie goal.
This juice stuff has a lot of sugar!! Makes sense I guess... But it's really not necessarily a "low calorie" fast.
I'm going to finish strong today WITHOUT food, and plan on continuing into tomorrow when my juice is finally finished.


  1. Damn Pizza. Get's me pretty much every time.

  2. ^ see above. Keep it up though!