Thursday, December 1, 2011

So sore from the body works class tuesday morning!!  Obviously I need to step it up in the gym.  For some reason my boyfriend doesn't like weights.  I want to tell him that it shows... maybe not the best idea huh?  But he's out of town and we skyped yesterday (a great way to avoid putting food into my mouth!!), and he was in his hotel room shirtless and he doesn't look bad... hes pretty thin.  But kind of like a little kid.  Anyway.  Day 2 and 3 were very good.  Tuesday I had more than soup and orange for dinner... I kind of "binged" when i got home
Tuesday- breakfast: coffee (50) lunch: powerade zero snack: diet soda dinner: soup and orange(250) granola bar (100) raspberries (100) hershey kisses (200) kitkat (200) almonds (85) TOTAL: still less than 1000.
Yesterday I definitely took it upon myself to eat whatever I wanted. I didn't eat the yogurt, but had a starbucks drink instead.  And with my pizza, I also had a beer.  Again with the kitkats too... I'm crazy about those!
Wednesday- breakfast: yogurt coffee and coffee (190) lunch: soup (200) pizza (600) beer (130) snack: apple orange and diet soda (100) kitkat (200) dinner: powerade zero TOTAL: 1300 (not sure if it really adds up.  Just giving the total off my calorie counter)
At least yesterday I went to spin class, where I burned at LEAST 500 calories (probably more like 700), so I would say I still have a big deficit.  This morning I woke up at 145 even, but my pee is dark, so I might be a little dehydrated.  Looking forward to finishing these fasts strong and enjoying dinner tonight.
Thursday- breakfast: coffee (50) lunch: powerade zero snack: diet soda dinner: soup and orange (250) Out with Friends to mexican (SOUP?)  TOTAL: 300
Friday- breakfast: yogurt and coffee (190) lunch: soup (200) snack: apple and granola bar (200) dinner: TBD TOTAL: TBD


  1. Pizza and beer is heaven. Don't blame you for eating it. Your numbers still aren't bad and good job getting those AM work outs in. It's soooo hard to do.

  2. I'm not sure if I'll ever have the willpower to work out in the morning. I feel too much like death when I wake up haha. Looks like overall you are doing well!

  3. Haha lets just say I wish my significant other learned to like weights too!