Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm sorry I've been gone.  Tax season is slowly killing me.  I have two corporations due on March 15th, and 3 corporations I am trying to extend.   This basically just means I am working my butt off until then... and afterwards, I have to start a quarterly provision for my largest client (don't even worry about what that means... haha).  Basically I have no life.  I haven't been good with eating... my birthday was on Monday and my goal was to hit 139, but I was still at 142.  Yuck.

For lent I've given up the following:
Mexican Food

And I've taken on:
Drinking 2 liters of water each day
Doing 50 squats every day.


  1. I like your lent list. Gossiping especially. It's something I try really hard to do everyday bc its just not good all around, but easier said than done.

    Giving up mexican food eeeekkk if work didn't enslave u 24/7 I'd suggest allowing yourself healthy homemade mexican food but it doesn't sound like your going to have any free time soon!

    ~ H

    And happy happy belated birthday!

  2. It sounds like a try and gossip everyday, what I meant was try NOT to gossip!