Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it always seems like something is holding me back.  busy season is upon me... as if i haven't already been working myself to the bone.  i have a major project being delivered on thursday, so we're all on edge about getting it done and sent off and having a day or two to breathe before we start on our other clients.  needless to say, the only exercise i've gotten in the last 2 weeks is my weekly spin class saturday morning.  This saturday I had to go to the 8:15 class so I could make it to work!!!  That class is only 45 minutes, but I kicked my ass and burned 550 calories.
sunday i had planned on going to the gym and grocery shopping and all that good stuff, but my boy took me to IHOP for breakfast, and although i picked something "healthy" I still wasn't happy that I ate so much.  I didn't eat for the rest of the day, and by the time I got to the grocery store I was super hungry, and bought cheetos.  I seriously ate the entire bag in one day.  how gross is that.  I didn't have time to work out either because I promised to do so many things.  Seriously.. my calories on Sunday were close to 3,000!!!!!!
Yesterday I totally paid for it.  I felt ill all day, and only consumed a luna bar, some fruit snacks, and a handful of chex mix.  I am ready to get all the crap out of my body... but it doesn't seem like my digestive system is being cooperative.

I booked a cruise with my mom after busy season is over (mid April).  I think it's good to have a vacation booked so I have a deadline for getting into the shape I want.  I haven't considered exactly what I want to accomplish, but I will in the next few days and let you know.  If only my mother would jump on the weight loss band wagon.. she's been heavy as long as I've been alive, and its not healthy

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