Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i know i've been MIA.  It's my TOM.. it only comes every 3 months, so when it does come, its bad.  I spent the last week eating everything I could get my hands on.  I was so ashamed to see the scale going up and not down.  BUT.. now that I actually have it, my cravings aren't nearly as bad, and I finished off yesterday at 1,200 calories... burning 1,000 at the gym, so a deficit of around 1,500.  My calorie count website said that the exercises I did at the gym only burned 600.. but I was wearing a heart rate monitor.... I wonder which to believe!  Anyway... after my 1,200 calorie day.. I had no plans to eat.... but as I was catching up on a tv show, I heard the call of mixed nuts in my cabinet.  I ate almost the entire bag... 170 X 5 is the entire bag = 850... I probably ate more like 700. UGH.  How is it even possible to eat that many nuts?!  And isn't it sad that I don't want to include that in my total for yesterday because I don't want to change my calorie count deficit?  I want to lie to myself.  How stupid.  I have so many good things in my house... so many healthy options.  I just need to make a list of things I will eat each day this week... instead of coming home and picking whatever I want bc there are so many options.  Hmm.


  1. I have a huge problem of wanting to snack while watching TV. Mindless snacking.

  2. I would believe the heart rate monitor.

    My period is such a rough time too...ugh!!!

  3. it's easy to go overboard on nuts because they aren't filling and high cal... last summer I was at my friends and I absent mindedly ate almost half a huge costco jar of nuts, to my horror. i feel your pain.

    ~ Harlow