Monday, January 10, 2011

Good and Bad news

So... since my awful new years experiences (which I feel I shouldn't really have to explain.. because it was new years... just think alcohol)... I've been entirely too good.  I went 8 days without drinking, then had a margarita... but in that time, was also great about food too.  I managed to see my weight in the 142s.. which hasn't happened in IDK.. forever.  The last 2 days haven't been as good...   We got snowed in... I live in GA- 4 inches is a lot.. especially when it ices.  So I'm stuck inside all day-- working.. and I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch, but a girlfriend brought me these delicious biscuits from her trip to England, and I've been munching on them all day.  At 80 calories each.. i've eaten way more than my budget.  Today I did not have a calorie deficit for the first time this year... and I'm really disappointed with myself.  I have so much healthy food in the house, you'd think I'd pick better choices.  I think I am just going to throw those cookies in the garbage.  I did shovel some snow today... all the steps that lead down to my car.  Not that I can leave the driveway, but I thought it'd be a good idea to not have ice build up... does that count as exercise?

I'm going to throw those cookies away.  And I'll probably be snowed in tomorrow too, but I'll make more of an effort, promise :)


  1. Now that you said that I'm super curious about what happened on new years!
    Hopefully its something you can look back on and laugh about down the road :)

  2. I admire your willpower to toss the cookies. I probably would have just frozen them and later had a repeat day :D