Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in and I'm doing it from my house instead of my boyfriends. I almost always sleep over at his house on Wednesday or Thursday and weigh in accordingly, but not this week. I know my scale is either heavier or lighter than his, but I just can't remember which. I think I'll weigh in less on mine than I will on his, and I really don't want to screw up the results!
I haven't been eating with reckless abandon but I can't say my food has been perfect. Exercise wise I'm doing awesome so maybe that is a reason for the extra food. 

I think that deep down I want to switch to the kickboxing gym over LA Fitness, even though it's $50 more per month. It is WAY more disgusting... Like what you picture a true boxing gym to look and smell like, but bottom line I work harder, have more fun, and sweat more than when I take a class at LA. The one thing that is holding me back from signing right now is the possibility of moving to another area of town in June and having a contract I can't use. I have until the 2nd .. So I need to make up my mind. 

On the 17th I am starting the 10 day Advocare cleanse. Has anyone done it?


  1. Are you taking measurements too? I am sure your body is changing a whole lot with all the exercise even it might not show on the scale... As far as the gym goes - can you do a monthly thing or do you have to commit to them for a year or so? Maybe you can talk to them and see if they can make do a refund or w/e if you were to move.

    I have never heart of advocare - but I have tried a couple of cleanse pills, and they didn't really do much for me. I got more results of drinking half a liter of water (that''s 2,5 cups) with lemon in it first thing in the morning.

  2. I'd love to hear more about this advocare cleanse. I'm currently taking these pills (Canadian made) called MPower. It's given me the energy boost and the jitters like most powerful thermogenics but so far I haven't seen the weight drop yet (still only the first week).

    I need to find a gym I will go to regularly. I'm spending way too much money for a place that I'm barely making it to.

    Thanks for following me in Instagram too btw!!

  3. I did the cleanse. It didn't really do much for me except keep me eating clean for 10 days. I did it while I was doing the 30 day shred. I didn't lose a single pound but I also think my metabolism was screwed up and I was eating too little calories so I'm not a good example of results. I have heard that others have had good success with it.