Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just another thought... It bothers me that some of my readers are concerned about my relationship with Steven. This is a place I use to vent, and it kind of hurts that I'm not allowed to so that without hearing that I've possibly made a mistake about him. Perhaps it's something I just need not to talk about here. Or maybe I need to write more often about the wonderful parts of our relationship.


  1. I think as women we are very quick to not want a girl to put up with crap and stick up for her. It's your blog and your place to vent so do it. I think what you just wrote is perfect in letting us know how you feel about it. As for writing more positive stuff about him that is always a good thing even just for you; if you want to. It's your blog!!

  2. I'm sorry if I am one of those readers. This is your blog and you can write and vent about what ever you wish to :) Again sorry if I am said something I shouldn't have!