Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First, a thank you to Kitty and Miranda for being my friends. It's weird that I don't even know what you look like and I think of you as people I truly trust...
Second, the food as fuel update. I had a small break from traveling and visited Steven at his house for his birthday. Monday morning I decided to weigh myself and assess the damage. I never weigh on Mondays because I feel like there is residual weekend water weight you have left to lose, but I had no choice as I wanted to weigh before I flew to Charlotte.
Now, this is a lot. And I'm not going to rationalize that because its no where close to goal. But if I can not weigh in for a month and still weigh in at 149.8 on a Monday I think I'm doing pretty good!
Maybe I'm really a little less than that since I was holding on to weekend weight.... But regardless that's what I weighed while counting calories for an entire year... And now I kind of feel free

I'm going to keep telling myself to eat food that makes me feel good, and I'll weigh in again soon for a progress update.


  1. I dream of freeing myself of calorie counting. I'm not there yet. So glad the damage wasn't as bad as you might have thought. Love ya too girl!!

  2. I keep taking these breaks from counting, finding it too confusing and ending up crawling back to it.. :S Glad you feel free, hold on to that feeling when you get the "urge" of counting!

    PS: There is a handful of girls on blogger that I feel like I know, without really knowing them and you are one of them :) Sometimes I wish I could have you guys closer and that I actually knew you in real life, but I guess we can't have it all.. Right?

  3. I think we do know each other - our blogs are who we really are, the messy stuff we can't share with most (if any) our family and friends. Like now. I can't sleep and I started wondering how everyone was doing, if anyone still wrote and here I am am. Creepin your blog at 12:27am. Lol.

    Seriously though, I feel like I know you guys and can relate so its not weird. you know?