Saturday, November 10, 2012

So.... today are the results of my 30 Day Shred...

I didn't finish the full 30 days... only 22.  I did a lot of cardio workouts, and when i was done i was too tired to do the shred video.  Anyway.. here we go


Waist- 27.65
Belly Button- 29.55
Hips- 39.25
Thigh- 22.75
Chest 33.2
Total: 152.4


Waist- 27
Belly Button- 29
Hips- 38.5
Thigh- 22
Chest- 32.5
Total: 149

Weight.... I think it might have gone up!!  I can't believe I am smaller.  I can't believe this worked.

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  1. Nice!
    Are you planning on trying any of her other dvd worksouts?