Thursday, November 1, 2012

010. If you live by yourself and prone to binges, buy only the food you need for the day. That way if you eat it, there isn't anymore.

I feel like I'm pretty much the fattest person on earth.  I ate over 2,600 calories today.  I did go to the gym and burned 600, but after I entered everything into my fitness pal, it told me if I kept eating like this I'd be up to 151 in 5 weeks.  Not good.  So disappointed with myself.  I don't understand what my motivation is?!

Of course tomorrow we're going out for traditional indian food.  No getting around that...

I finished level 2 of 30DS today!  I'm not sure what level 3 brings, but I'm ready!  I've lost half an inch in my waist, but thats the only place that's gotten smaller.  Probably becaues I keep eating.  Want to hear something crazy?  Today I went to KFC for the first time in TWENTY years.  I don't plan on going back for at least another 20.



  1. So sorry the cals were too high! It sucks to know you shouldn't do it, do it anyways and then hate yourself after it and then keep doing it! Don't give up. You are absolutely not the fattest person on earth.

  2. You know, 2600 was my good intake a few days ago.
    And think of it this way: "Why would I put myself in another hate-depression-binge-purge-starve vortex?"
    Or one of my other favorites: "Are you really not embarrassed to say that you were beaten by a cookie"
    Gets me off my ass every time.
    It will be better love.
    Just keep your head above the water.

  3. Great job with finishing the 2nd part of the 30 day shred - level 3 will be even harder, and provide motivation to curb the eating, no doubt! Don't stress too much, at least you'r working out regularly!

    And I like your plan to never go back to KFC :-P I'm a vegan, so I fully encourage you to stay away!