Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I've stuck with insanity for almost 2 weeks! I have one day left before I weigh in again and redo all the fit test activities so I can track my progress... To be honest I'm just really proud I've stuck with it this long and haven't missed a workout.

My running had been put on the back burner and that's not good because I have to train for the 10k. Boyfriend and I are considering just doing one month of Insanity and then starting to run everyday instead.

Last Saturday I had enough time to do the Insanity exercise and run/walk 3.5 miles... But then I had Mexican for dinner. Haha, always a little off track.

So speaking of my boyfriend, he and I have been arguing a lot recently. I think it might have to do with my new birth control... I've been feeling really needy and like I'm not getting any attention and I'm working so much harder than he is at being the best partner I can be. When I think about it rationally, I do believe he is neglecting me a little...but I think it is not as bad as in my head. He is in a busy time at work, and I'm in a stressful time at work. I make up these crazy scenarios I'm my head about how he is so mean to me and never listens, and I completely forget that he buys soda for himself and let's me drink them all, and always offers to drive when we go out.

I think we need some alone time... Busy season at work is almost over, but until then, I'm shooting for a "just us" date this weekend at a new restaurant.


  1. GJ sticking with insanity :) I have seen before/after pictures of people having amazing results even with barely any actual weight-loss!

    I hope you work out this thing with your BF.. I am sorry to say but ever since your last break-up I have been a tad iffy about him.. I just hope he gives you all the attention you deserve and that your "just us" date turns out amazing :)

  2. Sticking with Insanity for 2 weeks is a huge accomplishment! That's great. It seems that you have always felt that you work harder at being a better partner and that he neglects you. Could this really be in your head for that long? Really sit back and think. Is it you or is it him? It it's you then you can just work on keeping those feelings in check so it doesn't affect your relationship. Hope you get some alone time. It could make a big difference.