Thursday, February 7, 2013

So, 2 weeks straight where I haven't lost weight.  Because I'm trying to lose the "last 10 lbs" and they are really vanity pounds, not health pounds, I really struggle with how many calories I should eat.  My BMR is slightly under 1500 calories.  I *know* I shouldn't go under this amount, but instead be working out and eating clean foods to jumpstart my weight loss again.... but it's just so tempting to say "eat as little as possible and lose now!!"  Obviously that's not working for me, right?

I need a new plan

Gahh.. how can I find a middle ground?


  1. GL!
    It is hard to find a middle ground, but if anybody can do it, it is you :) So GL with the last 10 lbs :)

  2. Only 10 lbs!! But it can be so hard. Just stick with it. Keep trying. I always keep telling myself that if I do what I should my body HAS to budge eventually! Let's hope I'm right.