Friday, February 8, 2013

Goal 1 has been accomplished.

I am CPR certified.  There is nothing holding me back from becoming a personal trainer.... except for myself.

So what's my problem.  Excuses.  I make excuses for myself.  It can be something like

"My, its been a good few days so far...the office is providing lunch from Baja Fresh.  I'll eat the salad, and just half a wrap.  I'll save my healthy lunch for dinner.  Oh, they have tortilla chips.  Okay well then just a few."  3 hours later, healthy dinner has been eaten, as well as a 250 calorie whole wheat bagel ("well, thats healthy... it's high in calories and full of carbs.. but its better than candy") but then I see some candy that my roommate left lying around, and its all out the window.  Before I know it, I'm 600 calories over my goal and I'm depressed about myself so I keep eating the candy.

So I think what I need to do is list out my excuses. And then decide on a reason these excuses  wont work (that may be another post).

So.  My Excuses.  Please list yours as well below in the comments.. I'm sure if you have some different excuses, I probably just missed it)

1. "It's free.  How could you pass up free food"
2. "The weekend is the time I should be allowed to cheat"
3. "My boyfriend can eat it and says thin, I want to keep up"
4. "I've been good the last few [Days/Meals/Hours], I deserve a treat"
5. "Something great happened, a cookie or cake would be a great way to celebrate"
6. "I don't have TIME to cook a healthy dinner.  I'm just going to stop by Moe's... thats healthier than fast food"
7. "I don't have TIME to cook a healthy dinner... I'm just not going to eat."
8. "Starving is easier... and I'll get results.  I should just starve"


  1. I don't do this a lot
    It's free
    It's cardio week

    Those are mine. We have to stop listening!!

  2. Hey I'm back on my blog too if ur interested! I know it's been a while...

    But for excuses mine are

    U burned so many calories today.
    I don't care about being skinny anymore, that's just shallow
    Today will be my last day of eating like this