Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's been a long time since I posted. I did really well on my exercising goals, and I'm keeping it up.
My New Years resolution is to become a personal trainer.... And I know that's kind of wild, but I've always enjoyed working out, and I feel like I need something other than taxes in my life. Even if I don't start working as a trainer, at least ill be certified and know that I could do it if I wanted.

So step 1 of this endeavor is to get into great shape. No one old want a fat trainer telling them what to do. It's my eating that needs to get under control. I'm starting by nixing alcohol until march 31st. Only exception will be my birthday. This is bound to make a difference. It's not like I plan to replace my nightly wine with some other high calorie drink.

Honestly, I'm afraid to weigh myself for fear of how high it is. Last time I weighed I was 152, and in the past my max was around 148. Obviously, 4 lbs is small, but its still the principle. How did I let it get so high?

I keep talking about planning and I need to do this and that etc. but instead of talking, I need to actually DO it. Take control of eating. Say no to meals out during the week with boyfriend. I've been in FL this week for work and Chicago next week, which means I could eat like a maniac because I'm "on vacation" or I could really buckle down since I won't have friends to tempt me.

Step 2 is to buy a new scale. One that tells me body composition and will help me improve in other ways than just weight. I ordered this on groupon and hopefully ill get it soon!


  1. that is an awesome goal. Not only for you and life in general but great motivation to get where you want to be. Just say NO! That's what I've been trying to do. Good job on sticking with the exercise.

  2. You have done great from what I see on MFP :) and that is a great resolution - Ill keep it crossed for you :)

    I know what you mean.. I talk too much.. I just need to get my act together and actually do it.. GL with everything - I am sure you will do great!