Saturday, December 22, 2012

Liebster Award

Thank you Kitty for nominating me for this award.  I know I'm really late in responding.  I've got a lot going on with work and the holidays!  I never get nominated for anything... so I'm really surprised.  I think i just fly under the radar a little bit.

So... here are 11 things about me that you may or may not already know:
1. I'm a CPA.  I got a Masters in Accountancy in 2009 specializing in Taxation, and I work for a large public accounting firm.  I recently made the switch from Tax Compliance to consulting, and now I work with the company to outsource our work to India.  It sounds ominous and kind of unpatriotic, but it's not.... we just need more people, and India is a good place to get them!
2. I moved from New York to Georgia when I was 18 and I never looked back.  I left my family and my friends because I just needed a change.  I'm starting to feel that itch here.... maybe a move to Arizona?
3. I've gained about 25 pounds since I left highschool 8 years ago.  When I was a senior in highschool I was very disordered.  I ate yogurt, and picked at dinner, and worked out for hours at a time.  I did the 10 lbs freshman year, and then I've slowly gained a bit here and there since.  I fluctuate between 140 and 150 these days... and I'm currently on the higher end.
4. One of my bucket list items is to visit all the 7 wonders wonders of the world, and the 7 natural wonders.  This year I went to the Taj Mahal.
5. Every year around this time I go through facebook and my phone and delete people who I a) don't remember b) don't care to remember, or c) havent talked to in the last year.  I havent done the phone yet, but I've deleted 100 people off my facebook account!
6. I am 26, and I've been married.  We were together for a long time, but married only a very short time.  I think I removed all the old posts about him and what happened.  Very dramatic, but  my life is 100% better
7. And speaking of men in my life, I do have a wonderful guy (Miranda will tell you differently haha- I am lucky to have a devils advocate).  We've been together for a year and a half, and I've grown a lot in that time period, and I think he has too... I'm his first girlfriend since highschool, so our relationship maturities don't exactly "match" which is always an adventure
8. And speaking of Miranda... gosh, how long have we been on Blogger?  She's one of the older ones, like me.  I've got to be coming up on 7 or 8 years...Jeez!  Anyway.. Miranda is my closest blogger friend.  I dont even know if we qualify as friends, but I feel like I know everything about her!  Oh wow, I just looked. April 2008 is when I started this blog.  That is only 4.5 years.  Jeez, I'm just losing it.
9. My name is Kathryn.  I'm not sure I've ever said that before.
10.  I want to become a yoga instructor really badly.  The problem is, I don't actually do very much yoga.  Not even once a week anymore.  And I'm not all ohm-y... I just like the way it makes me feel and the stretch I get.  And apparently it costs a good bit of money to become certified.  I like to make excuses for things to get out of them.... I think this is one.
11. I hate my body.  I hate that I don't have the self discipline to do what I know it takes to get what I want.  I hate that I'm so self defeating.... and that I make excuses for myself not to work hard or to push myself.  But I love the blogger community... and thats why I don't want to give up all together.  Hey, if I've been blogging for 4.5 years, I've stuck to SOMETHING, right?

11 questions:

  1. Name the one part of your body you love. Well.  I have thin wrists.  And I have a good jawline... hopefully that wont fade.  The one thing I HATE, and I know this isnt the question, but I'll tell you anyway... is my CALVES!  THEY ARE HUGEEEEE. Seriously.  I dont know if my feet are too small for the size of my calves, or they are just really big, but i CANNOT wear boots.  Its ridiculous and unfair.
  2. Where do you see your self in 5 years? Five years from today I'll be 31.  I hope that I'll still be a CPA, and an extremely successful professional.  I wish I could tell you what I see for my personal life, but I just dont know.  I want to move, I want to stay.  My boyfriend and I could be very happy together, but I think it's best not to assume, and only really worry about the things I can control.  Life will take its course... and I hope that I jump on the healthy bandwagon sooner or later!
  3. What is your favorite color? Purple
  4. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be? I really want to be able to read people's minds, and be able to change the way they feel.  Playing God... I know, thats not good.
  5. What does your perfect day look like? NO WORK. Those are few and far between these days.  A perfect realistic day would be one in which I'm not tempted by unhealthy habits, and I find time to exercise and get enough sleep.
  6. Name the one thing you can not live without. The internet on my cell phone.  I'm soooo addicted to it. 
  7. Name 3 places you want to visit. Great Wall of China, Grand Canyon, the North Pole (only if Santa is there)
  8. Lazy day on the couch, what do you do? I'd like to watch the 3rd season of the O.C.
  9. What color is your hair? Blonde
  10. Name one thing that you hate! I really hate when people don't spell check something that is printed out. I get it if you're IMing or sending a quick e-mail, but if you're making a sign, or printing an official document, please just read it over once or twice....
Apparently there are only 10 questions to answer.  That's okay.. this post has taken me 3 days to complete.. so I should stop now.


  1. hehe :) thanks for taking the time to answer the questions :)

  2. He, he! I guess I am your little devils advocate sitting on one shoulder!! You know him and what's best for you better then anyone but I hope it's at least helpful to see that other side of things. This was so cool to read. I've been reading your blog for a while but I still found out new things about you. We've been reading each other for a while! I do feel like I know you too and am glad we met through this blog world.