Monday, June 18, 2012

Well, I cut out the almonds but I was still not seeing any results. I'm really not sure why. It seems so odd because I've read that low carb HAS to work. one thing that was suggested is I cut out any salads or vegetables I was eating to force my body into ketosis. That seems pretty extreme. Only meat all the time til I start dropping? Yuck. I don't really have any ideas other than that. Either just give it up and start a low cal diet, or keep going even though I'm not seeing results and hope my body kicks into gear. Hmm... Stressful. Also, I need to recommit to the gym. For a while I was doing HIIT but as always, I started makin excuses when it got hard and gave up. Well, technically I just decided to start over and I moved all the days on my calendar... But somehow they got deleted and I haven't gone back to the website again to write them down. I did run 2 miles on Saturday which shocked my body.. I should do that more often.

In other news, I got a new job!! I'll still be working at the same company, but instead of being kneedeep in tax returns all year, I'll be on the internal side, training the offices in the Southeast on how to use our new outsourcing capabilities. I'm actually on a plane to Phoenix this morning for training. I really hope I like the new position... It should give me less hours and an opportunity to travel. I'm hoping more time means more time at the gym and more time to cook healthy foods! While I'm in Phoenix I'm going to try to stay on Eastern time.... Ideally I'll wake up early for the gym every day.


  1. Congrats on the new job! Sorry you aren't getting the results you want...hopefully your body will just get with the program and start to lose.

  2. Gz on the new job :)

    Sorry about not seeing results.. I have read that if you don't lose weight on a low carb diet its cause you have too much carbs. How many grams are you aiming for?

    You don't need to cut out every thing to get into ketosis - but you do how ever have to get down to 20 grams ish of carbs to go there. You can have a whole lot of green veg - they are low carb (cucumbers - lettuce - spinach - green bell pepper ect) - oh and mushroom are also pretty low carb. :)

    Have you considered having low carb protein shake for your snack meals? that makes the carb counting much easier.

  3. Congrats on the new job! The traveling part sounds tiring but exciting, I hope you love it.