Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I have been making excuses. Too tired to run, too many plans to keep low carb... It's never ending. I went to NYC this weekend. Of course I didn't keep low carb. Next weekend is a wedding. What about then? I feel like regardless of how much I want this, I want the social fun part of life more.
My body has made it pretty clear that slacking off 3 days a week isn't going to work. I need to rededicate myself and put my body first. Weekends aren't breaks until I reach my goal. Weddings aren't excuses. It's definitely challenging... But what isn't??

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  1. I'm like that.. Way more often that I like to admit. The reality of it is that unless we make it a life style - and keep it as a diet - it wont fit in our everyday.
    I think everyone knows that - but when it comes to putting it into action - that's where it "lags"..

    GL with everything :)