Monday, April 23, 2012

Last week I started to write a post about how low carb diet was the best thing that ever happened to me ever ever ever.. and then the boy called and I got distracted.  And now its Monday morning, and after a weekend of carb eating... I don't feel as good about myself, but I'm ready to jump back on the low carb wagon and give it another go.  I lost almost 5 lbs last week during my low carb eating.  I ate a lot of almonds, veggies, and fatty things like chicken salad.  I made frittatas in muffin tins, and ate 2 every day.  Surprisingly delicious, and filling!  It was amazing to not be hungry all the time... although by Wednesday I was wanting to munch a lot more.  This week I am incorporating a lot of exercise into my daily routine.  Now that busy season at work is over, I should have more time for a life.  I am going to Australia next week for 2 weeks... I can't wait.  We are going to have so much fun... but I'm also supposed to be moving while I'm gone, and that is a little stressful!  I don't feel like I have the time to pack everything up before I go... but I'll do my best.. we'll see.


  1. Glad you saw some results low carbing. It can be hard to stick to but it is nice not being hungry and it does work. I kinda want to do it again...never thought I'd ever say that one!

  2. Thats low carb for you - you dont feel hungry :) - Gl on the new go ^^