Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm hopping on the low carb train with Miranda. Why not? It works. I had my goodbye carb meal on Sunday at a Mexican place, and now I'm off! Goal, like Miranda, is 50 grams, but yesterday I hit 61 and I'm ok with that. Today is tax day... So my job should lighten up for a few months. I'm on my way to Australia in a few weeks, and I'm moving shortly after I get back. Goal for me is to see the inside of a gym more than never, and to start taking spin classes again! Perhaps I can also become a blogger again instead of just a silent follower.


  1. Good luck with the carb thing! Yes, it works. If I'd done it longer I probably would have lost more weight. It can be tough but stick with it. Glad you'll finally get a break.

  2. GL with everything - the low carb stuff really works if you stick to it :)