Monday, August 8, 2011

being all lovey dovey with someone is awesome.  it definitely has its good points.  but it wreaks havoc on the waistline.  i spent all of saturday and half of sunday with my new man.  Guess who didn't exercise at all this weekend.  luckily he eats pretty healthy, so its not like we're shoveling down nachos and beer all the time.... but he does take me out to eat a lot, and he does like wine, which isn't exactly low in calories.

i have a busy week at work so I'm not sure how much exercising I'll really be able to do.  I plan to go to a weight training class tomorrow morning, and i always have my packed gym bag in my car just in case.  What i really need to do is watch my eating.  I bought a lot of fruit yesterday so I need to make an effort to snack on that instead of candy/chips/etc.  I also made hummus last night.  YUM.  It is so cheap..  I don't think i could ever pay for sabra again.  Hummus is decently healthy for you... but not in large doses.  I don't need to be eating an entire can of chic peas all in one sitting.

today.... breakfast: coffee, peach, oatmeal.  lunch: salad (going out to lunch).  dinner: carrots & hummus, klondike bar.


  1. I'm all about hummus lately too! I got some recipes for some sweet varieties that go well chilled with fruit like lemon poppyseed and cinnamon raisin. I've been having regular plain with veggie sticks for lunch quite a bit. and making your own, you know what you put in there and you don't NEED to add any oil...


  2. I'm so glad you found someone you care about :) hummus is good for you I have a recipe feor it from an IRS raw food kitchen. It's a lot healthier than tradiztional hummus it has zucchini and sun dried tomatoes in it. Sounds scary but it isn't. I will try and remember to email u the recipe.

    I feel like as we get older and have less and less time he key to weight control is mainly in what we eat.