Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm not sure if I've shared with you my irrational fear of change.  Like.. I moved, and I continued to go to my old grocery store on the other side of town because I knew where everything was and it was comfortable.  I had to psych myself up to go to a) even fill out the gym membership, and b) try the gym closer to my work since I had never been there.  I remember having to walk behind someone slowly to make sure I could see what we were supposed to do... where to scan our card, where the locker rooms were.  It gives me anxiety, seriously!  Anyway, there is a gym that is SUPER nice near my work.  I've always had access to it but I've never gone because I was afraid.  Maybe it is fear of losing control.  So I wanted to run after work today and I went to my normal gym and as soon as I walked in I realized that they apparently don't know how to use the air conditioner.  It was 75 degrees!  Might as well just run outside!  I wanted to actually finish my run... and I didnt want anything stopping me, so I left and decided to go to another gym.  In some split second decision, I had decided to go to the one I'd never been to.  It was super scary... but I called a friend who had been there and she basically walked me through where to park, how to get tickets stamped, etc.  The equipment had TVs on all the machines... it made my day!  My run was much easier than normal as I was able to tune out the monotony!  I should have run for 28 minutes, but ended up doing 25.  Thats okay, 3 minutes is nothing, and I'll pick it up next run.

Food wise... I didn't have my slimfast or my pear, but I did eat trail mix when I got home from work.. so I probably evened out on the calories for the day.

Today- fasting until dinner... which I am hoping is popcorn at the movies and not something real.

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