Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am still really heartbroken. Nothing has been resolved and BF and I aren't talking. It's been 19 days... I guess I thought it would take no more than 2 weeks for him to realize what he was giving up, but I guess not. 
I need to accept that I have lost the love in my life, and start working on repairing my heart so I can eventually find a new one!


  1. I hadn't seen your last post.. I was so much away dealing with my own shit during April that I missed it.. 19 days.. It must have been so hard..
    Sometimes I think when you really really love someone and they break your heart, it never goes back to what it was..

    You are soo beautiful, kind, strong.. You will get through this.. You are not the one losing the love of her life, he is.. Cause trust me when I say, he wont find someone that is better than you, and it doesn't matter that he doesn't realize it now.. Remember that!

    I am so sorry that things have been hard.. But this too shall pass... *hugs*

  2. I'm so sorry!! I think you are doing the right thing holding your ground but I know it's hard.