Monday, June 17, 2013

Not a lot going on.  Lot of running.... But also a good amount of eating. I think I may have lost a little weight, as I'm avoiding dessert as much as possible, which has never been a priority before. 
I'm traveling again this week, and my goal is to run 9 miles while I'm out of town. Sunday I did 3.1 and today 2.6, so I don't have far to go and maybe I need to increase the goal to make it more challenging. 
I'm with a lot of coworkers this week, so there is a lot of drinking. That's hard when you're watching what you ingest... But I guess that's why I run

There are a few people on the trip who really rub me the wrong way. One is a girl who has absolutely no interest in bring friendly or social. She doesn't care to be my friend, or anyone else's for that matter. She seems like a loner. I guess I just don't like what i don't understand. I crave being social.  Another guy is just so annoying I could stick a pencil in my ear listening to him. Today I made a list of all the questions he asked. It was very long. 

Ok that's it for now. I wish I had something more interesting to say.  Oh wait, I went to the Grand Canyon this weekend and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life. I will try to attach a picture. I hiked 2 miles in and 2 out. Exhausting but worth it!


  1. Is that you? I don't think I've ever seen you before. : ) At least you are getting your exercise in. Good for you! Love 30ds so far.

  2. I hope you have an OK trip even with the annoying people.. Just ignore them as much as you can :) GJ with the running. GC does seem really nice, it is on my "places I want to see" list..