Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My boyfriend of 9 months told me he wasn't sure if he loved me or if we had a future together. This is not the first time he has pulled this bullshit. Last time he said tr same thing, ad a few days later told me he truly loved me and just didn't realize it. Now he's telling me he just said that so i wouldnt leave him. What an ass. Wants me around while he figures it all out... But what if he NEVER falls? Then I'm stuck loving someone who doesn't love me back and have wasted all my time. He doesn't understand why I don't want to talk to him, but he has finally gotten the hint and stopped calling/ texting. Most of me wishes he would keep calling and telling me how miserable he is, but I know I'm just clinging to some crazy hope that probably doesn't exist. I hope that in a few weeks he will realize that I was great and perfect, and then we can resume talking. Even if that does happen, I can't trust that he truly means it, since he has used his words so selfishly before.
So that's what I'm dealing with. And it's not fun.


  1. I'm so sorry, this sounds horribly painful. If he's not into it, I would leave him - his feelings about you aren't going to dramatically change. He told you he 'truly loved you & didn't realise it'. You realise when you love someone! Plus, he took it back! He IS an ass!

    You're a lovely girl, you deserve better than this. I would dump him before he has the chance to hurt you anymore than he's already managed. You can do better for yourself. You should tell him that.

    Good luck, be strong. x

  2. When he pulled that months ago I felt like you should leave him b/c you should know if you love someone and if you don't know then you probably don't and that's no good for you since you are in love. I was happy that you worked it out because that's what you wanted but now this? I don't know. You should have someone who is in love with you not someone you feel you have to hang onto with your fingernails. If he's not happy then that's gotta be the end of it. I'm so sorry!

  3. I remember when this happened the last time.. I don't know if I mentioned it - but he is treating you exactly the same way my dutch ex was. One day he would say stuff like that - the second he would go all I love you..

    I was stupid enough to wait for him for almost 2 years - and when he asked me to move in with him (in netherlands) I was stupid enough to quit my job- flat and everything. Just to have him dump me for "sure" couple weeks before the move..

    I still think of him - and it hurts cause I really loved him.. But you know what? hanging on to someone who is playing this game is stopping you from meeting someone who adores the floor you walk on.

    Be very careful - and eventhough it's not easy - try to think about how he is making you feel and be the one to make a decision.. You deserve much better..

    Stay strong and put your self first.. again.. I'm so sorry this is happening.