Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I have been MIA forever!!!  I've been reading pretty regularly, but no comments.  I like reading my new blogs, but I do I miss the old people.  I wonder if they've become like me?  Too consumed with life to write about their constant fears... or just giving up because it hasn't worked yet?

Most of you know that I am a CPA and work ridiculous hours most times of year.  I just finished a "busy season" ending September 15th... a month and a half where i did not see the inside of a gym.  We literally worked 12-15 hour days.  Sitting constantly.  THAT is my life.  It wasnt like my other busy season I've told you about, where I dont eat all day because I'm sitting all day at a client.  When I'm in the office, there is food everywhere.  Candy, catered lunches, bagels and donuts for breakfast.  It's insane.  Mind you, I only gained 3.5 pounds.  I call that a win..  because it is losable.  And my boyfriend and I are on a health streak to get the weight off.  I went to the gym Sunday and Monday, and I intend to keep it up.  I don't like the flabby untoned look I'm rocking right now.  I also want to do some eat-stop-eat work... but it can be difficult to fit that in.  I definitely can't fast today because I have a coworker in from out of town and am doing lunch with work people and dinner with her boyfriend.  Tomorrow I have dinner plans but could potentially fast until then.  I bought a lot of healthy foods this weekend- carrots, pears, turkey breast, whole wheat sandwich thins, hummus, whole grain cereal.  I need to EAT it, instead of letting it go to waste because I eat candy all day then feel bad.

Ahh well, I'll try to keep updating.  Good luck to me!!

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